Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tebow Time is past due...

If Rex Ryan went to the library, he would not be able to check out any books, he would not be able to get his report card and he would not move on to the next grade because he has been holding onto and hiding a weapon that could destroy opponents and it's past due to put in Tim Tebow.  We saw what he did here in Denver in 2010.  He grew on that in 2011. So why should Rex make the switch?
  • The Jets are 3-6 and have lost their last 3.
  • Mark Sanchez has completed only 52% of his passes.  His TD to INT ratio has been amongst the worse in the league amongst QBs throughout his 3.5 years as a starter.
  • Sanchez looks defeated.  He has digressed yearly.  He doesn't have that IT factor.  He reminds me of a career back-up.
  • Tebow showed what he can do with a limited offense the last two years.  He has an OC that could really mix up the offense.  He is a playmaker.  He is a leader and he has a fire the Jets need like a strong left foot (leave the Rex Ryan foot jokes out of this) in the ass.
Tebow is a young man that I have followed since he scored his first TD at Florida.  I called the fact he'd be a Heisman winner after about 5 games.  He lived up to that hype and exceeded it.  He should have won his second Heisman his Junior year.  Senior year, a head injury stopped a 3rd near attempt.  Tebow does not throw a pretty ball.  He is erratic and inconsistent but here are the intangibles and things he could do for a team as a full-time starter.

Some of these are:
  • Eat clock.  This is the NFL, not college.  Time of posession in the NFL means something if you have a decent defense.  The Jets do.  The Broncos defense was worse than the Jets this year. 
  • As pointed out earlier, he is a leader.  Guys rally around him.  The Jets can say what they want about Sanchez being their guy, but the same thing was said about Orton.  Sooner or later, you have to pull the plug of something that's not working.
  • Tebow can take a pounding.  He is built like a TE.  TEs get clobbered when they catch the ball and Tebow knows how to run.
  • He brings the element of a deep ball or a run.  Spread them out and see the defense have no idea what to do.
  • He has been a winner on every level because he never quits.
  • He is humble but trusts in his ability.
  • The Higher Power is behind him.  He believes, he made me a believer as well.
It's Tebow Time.  It will either come half way through an imminent loss to the Rams or after the game when they are 3-7, but the Jets should have started this past week with Tebow and let him see if he could turn the season around.  They should let Sanchez open at QB, flip the ball to Tebow on a modified flea flicker and then not let Sanchez see the field the rest of the day.  They should go in knowing Tebow is their guy but not let anyone know and from there on, you will see the Jets finish at least 8-8.  The Jets have a shot if they are 9-7 or better to be in the playoffs.  If Tebow is the guy, they have a shot.  If Sanchez remains the starter, with the top 10 pick in the draft, the Jets select...