Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tim Tebow to the Bills?!?

I dream but it makes sense.  The Bills just released Ryan Fitzpatrick and while their HC is the former OC for the Saints and he had an offense with a passing QB, this is a different situation.  This is outdoors and not the turf of Syracuse or New Orleans.  The Bills are playing in Toronto and always eyeing a bigger and better fan base, making Tebow your guy shows that.  Doug Marrone, the Bills Head Coach (yeah, I didn't know either), has a history in coaching OL and playing there and big hosses love to pound opponents in the mouth.  The Bills are set up for this and I am campaigning for the move.  Call me crazy, call me what you will  but the Bills offense and personnel are perfect for it.

At RB they have CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson.  Jackson is the pound it between the tackles guy an offense Tebow can run needs.  Spiller is the swing pass/screen/multi-faceted back Tebow showed great success with in a player like Percy Harvin and a player like Knowshown Moreno here.  At REC they have one REC that gets deep.  That's what Tebow needs, speed to burn to draw corners and safeties away from the line.  Add another speedster and it will be a lot like the success he showed with Decker and Thomas when they didn't drop the ball.  They also have Tavaris Jackson who is an athletic QB that would fit the system with Tebow.

Tebow could do it.  It takes the coach, GM and franchise to step up to do it.  The  Bills are that franchise.  Things to make it work, make Tebow cut 25 lbs.  Have him work on range of motion and stretching rather than strength.  He is too big for a QB.  Give him a full off-season and season as the guy.  Only the Pats are worth a crap in the NFC (L)East.  Tebow could be 10-6 with the right schedule and anything can happen in the playoffs if things start clicking and with a few extra plays. 

#15 to the Bills should be done by weeks end.  I know I dream but I saw what he did as a Gator, Bronco and read about his growing up playing football and HE IS A QUARTERBACK!  Tebow, Tebow, Tebow!!!  Tebow Movie Trailer