Friday, December 28, 2012

The Injustice of Tim Tebow...

What a complete joke New York has made of their franchise.  The fact Timothy Tebow did not get the opporunity to start the last two weeks (or any of the previous 14 games they started Sanchez) is a sign that Rex Ryan is not only an idiot, but has early signs of dementia or alzheimers.  Tebow was the main reason the Jets lost to the Broncos on MNF a year ago.  Tebow is a huge reason the Broncos made the playoffs last season.  Say what you want about the improvement of the team with Manning, but Tebow is a 10-6 playoff QB on this team.  Manning is just that much better.  There is no denying that the Broncos are better off with Manning, but what about the other 31 teams in the NFL, let me break it down.

I will immediately right off certain teams and in no particular order they are:
(8)New England, Indianapolis, Washington, Pittsburgh, NY Giants, New Orleans, Denver and Green Bay.  These teams all have franchise QBs and are already assembled to win. 
Other teams I'd eliminate and reasoning:
(4)Houston, Baltimore, Chicago & Atlanta: Solid and balanced teams already.  Why change offense.
(4)Cincy, Detroit, Dallas, Arizona:  Great RECs on every team and need a gun slinging QB that can get it around the field.  Don't know if any of their QBs are that special though.  They also lack great run blocking and great RBs.
(1)San Diego: I hate Rivers but he is a good QB on a bad team.  Has been trying to do too much.  Loss of #1 REC hurt him big time.
(2)St. Louis and Minnesota: Turf is no help to a QB that likes to run and is slow since the defense is just as fast.
(4)SF, Seattle, Tampa Bay and Carolina: I think Tebow would thrive as a great back-up to these athletic QBs, but this is about a starter and a team that really needs one rather than missing other parts.

Good fits but.... Miami, , Tenn and Cleveland-All have young QBs they believe in.  I wouldn't make changes if I was a GM covering his butt, but Miami sold an extra like 10k tix for the Broncos game Tebow started.  Miami is a fringe team that could use him, but they drafted Tannehill too high to go away from him.  Cleveland is a question mark.  They have an old rookie and a back-up that plays the same shitty football.  If McDaniels returns home, he may build an offense and buzz in Cleveland by going after Tebow.
That leaves Philly, NY Jets, KC, Oakland, Jacksonville, and Buffalo.

Philly is making a change at coach and honestly think they should at QB too.  Foles sucks.  He is mistake prone and a Romo or Sanchez type.  They have two solid RBs and RECs that get vertical.  That sounds like a Tebow offense to me.
KC and Buffalo are almost the same as Philly but KC really lacks a playmaking REC once Bowe is gone.  You don't need that with Tebow.  Baldwin may become a player running a 9 constantly.  Awesome run game having Charles with a touch of a healthy Hillis.  I think Philly is a better fit but both franchises could use Tebow.  Especially Buffalo.  They have little fan support after years in the doghouse.  Instead of a smart QB that thinks he can throw the ball.  Give the ball to Spiller, Jackson and Choice with Tebow and throw it to Stevie.  Success!!!
Jets, they pass block poorly.  They are a grinder team.  They lack good RECs for short passes.  Send Hill deep and let it be another GT connection like he had with DT.  Oh wait, for some reason Ryan wasn't fired mid-season like the Broncos did with McDumby.  Woody shoulda fired Ryan and played a Jerry Jones type role.  You can  bet Dallas will get rid of Romo if he loses this weekend.
Oakland is awful but they have an offense with fast RECs and if healthy a good RB corp.  The misdirection a DHB could make that the Broncos did with Royal, brilliant. 
Finally, Jacksonville.  Jacksonville will become LA's team or London's sooner than later.  Tebow would save it.  He would put asses in that stadium and they should just pay MJD and use him.  Unfortunately their HC was ATLs OC and likes to throw the ball around.  Even though he is a Gator grad, he likes to throw the ball and was doing so this year even before MJD got hurt.  Unless Mularkey can change his offense to Tebow, this will be like the Jets situation.

Ranking teams if they change their offense to suit his strengths: 1. Jacksonville 2. Philly 3. KC 4. Buffalo 5. Cleveland

Last, Tebow has one more shot and one more year before he collects his pention.  If a team doesn't trade for him  that wants to utilize him and he just gets crap for offers after sitting the bench after a trade next year, quit football.  Tebow can make so much more money and make an even bigger impact outside the game.  I hope he can do it as a QB though because he helped me see that their is HOPE, BELIEF and a GREATER side and Tebow is hard working and deserves his shot.   Get him back down to about 230, 225.  Don't let him hit the weights hard, but instead work on flexibility, his drop back and don't mess with his mechanics.  Let him throw how he does but work on his footwork and he will be great.  Tebow for Comeback Player of the Year in 2013.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CU hires MacAttack

It was a crazy last few weeks for CU football fans, followers, former players, current players, staff, etc.  First the team has the worst season ever.  Loses every game in Folsom for the the first time ever.  Poor results and the "trajectory" of the program shows the AD and others in CU that they need to go with a new staff and Embree is fired.  It has hints or racism thrown out by it's former coach and Coach Mac rather than saying, hey, you were the worse head coach CU has ever had and things were getting worse and not better and no signs showed towards improvement and we couldn't wait around another year and continue to HOPE, we needed to go FORWARD and CHANGE.  LOL, Obama headliners thrown out in one sentence, pat on back.  Then the Butch Jones dilemma, former players bitching and then all quiet on the Rocky Mountain front and then welcome Coach Mac (the real Mac since the other coach was Really Coach Mc).

I like the hire for a few reasons.
1.  The guy wanted to be here and wanted a bigger challenge
2.  He seems to have big aspirations on rebuilding the prominence that CU had.
3.  He didn't talk about it being his dream job, so I believe he has aspirations to make the program so good he gets to coach in most conferences dream job, the SEC where he is from.  Anyone think it would be ironic if he took over for Butch Jones in 3 years at Tennessee? :)
4.  He wants to run an offense that isn't old and stagnant in college football, the Pistol.  The pistol is a combination of Spread and the Ace formation in my opinion.  Running is key but instead of HAVING to have a speedster at QB, you just need a good blocking scheme and a back that can make one cut and go like in the zone-read running game. 
5.  He has actually started from scratch rather than taking over successful programs like Butch Jones did.
6.  He has coached at different levels under great coaches and been recognized for being amongst the best assistants in the country. 
7.  He has CA ties and emphasizes the important of CA here.  I love Colorado.  I am a Colorado native, but the football played here compared to CA isn't close.  The athletes here are not the same.  I believe there are a handful of guys that can help contribute to a CU anually but CUs best players in their history tend to be from out of state.  And a lot of their best players came from Cali.
8.  His former teams two losses came in close games against Stanford and Texas A & M, both Top 10 football teams this year.  I can not do anything but applaud that.  I would have supported Embree staying another year but his team wasn't competitive most of the time. 

I believe CU has more to work with and with the facility improvements ahead, I believe will continue to have even greater things to work with.  Their facilities currently are not great but they aren't crap like they were compared to the Big XII powers.  CU is going to get better and I believe the second choice (or however far down he was) will prove to be a great choice. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Drinking and playing sports...

Most people enjoy a drink here and there.  Some enjoy a few too many here and then there.  The question is, even in that altered state of brain activity time, do you go the intelligent route or do you make a dumb decision?  I have made that dumb decision probably a handful of times in my life.  One of those times, I was not fit to drive due to lack of sleep and too much to drink and the other few times was an on the edge of I knew I was close but was it worth it to take the chance?  Fortunately I did not hurt anyone else and cause years of damage to them and myself and didn't do anything to aler the fact that maybe I was close.   I believe most people that drive drunk are in the gray area of not knowing whether they should or shouldn't. Having 10 years of drinking (okay add 2) under my belt, I can say, don't even question it, don't do it. Others don't give a shit and feel they have not had issues before and feel they "drive better drunk". I've heard this and while I see that most drunk drivers drive slower, your mind is not there to be doing anything but stumbling around the bar acting like an idiot. At least you don't have a 1/2 ton to 4 ton weapon of destruction behind you. Plus, the cost even without an accident being at laest $8k, that should be a huge deterrent alone.

Now, at the age of 31, I'd rather sleep in my car (keys in the trunk of course due to the DUI laws of CO), do the call of shame and have my wife or family member pick me up or honestly, I'd know if I am driving and someone else didn't offer, I better be my Designated Driver and not even get to the question mark zone.  It's not worth it.

I find the fact professional athletes that make at least a quarter million a year, and can get free rides home because the league and teams have a service to do so, decide to take their lives and others lives at risk, completely ridiculous.  I can tell you the last two weeks hopefully have opened some eyes amongst professional athletes that were more concerned about getting questioned for calling a free ride service early in the morning instead of what Josh Brent decided to do and cost the life of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.  And if you are so concerned, it's not like you can't call another service and use your own money.  $80 to me when I made those decisions was a TON of money.  $80 to a professional athlete is probably equivalent to $5 to one of us.  You would rather have it in your pocket, but if you lose it, so be it.  Josh Brent has to live with his decision for the rest of his life.  I believe like last weeks homicide/suicide involving Javon Belcher, it will make an impact on enough people to make changes in some athletes and people's lives, but it will never solve the problem and that is life.  No matter what we do or see or try to learn from, we are human, we make mistakes and they get repeated.  My hopes are enough people can point to an instance like this to alter mistakes they have made before or would have made in the future.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

CU football and it's continuing downward spiral...

What has happened to the University of Colorado?  I grew up watching them.  I had the pleasure of being able to see them rekindle some success in the early 2000s while my best friend/brother-in-law played for them in college.  Colorado was a place to go to coach football and was a Top 25 program.  It was a place that the location sold itself to recruits since most had not seen the beauty of a place like CO. The tradition of a strong program and national recognition was known by any possible recruit born until about 1990.  But for those born after that, when those kids got into middle school and high school, they saw something else.  I coached those ages in high school football and wrestling.  All I heard was smack talk about CU.  Nothing about what they had accomplished even in the early 2000s because they were still in elementary.  The downward spiral started shortly after the Big XII Championship game:

-CU hosts recruits a week after winning the Big XII title.  A party occured, like had been occuring since the inception of college, alcohol and sex became part of society.  That is before any of our time that is on the internet I assume.  A girl that has been known to host these parties and has a punch bowl of condoms has a sketchy story of rape by members of the team.  No one is formally charged.  CU is put through the ringer for years because of it though.  She gets a whole bunch of unwarranted money in a settlement.
-A female kicker that wasn't any good makes allegations with no formal charges brought against a CU player.  This player she had had relationships with previously (but no means no if it is true) but still no charges.  This is in 2004. 

These were the main two things that started this spiral.

In between this and after this, CU began struggling on the field and had a losing season in 2003, then showed they could compete in a weak North Division Big XII but had no chance against the South getting handled in two consecutive Big XII Championships.  With a lack of leadership being cited and too many black eyes, Dick Tharp was replaced by Mike Bohn as AD.  Shortly after a 70-3 loss and weeks after upping Barnett's contract, Mike Bohn decides he wants his guy and to get away from the cloud that had been created since that night in 2001.

He brought in Hawk Love and from the first game, Hawk love took a big crap Montana State style.  Hawkins did not know how to coach "Big XII football" or big boy "Division I football" and should have coached "intramurals brotha".  He lasted an extra year and his teams were like someone with PE (premature ej... you get it), they do well and surprise their lover once in a while but most of the time it's only a thrill for themselves and it leaves the other searching for better.  Finally after 5 years, Hawkins is fired.

One thing done right in that time was CU announcing the switch to the Pac 12.  The Big XII looked to be crumbling and even though it lasted and is okay, CU had facilities, alumni and were more suited for the Pac 12 conference.  The hire made by Bohn of Jon Embree was simply a stop gap to keep people interested in the program with hopes he would surprise us.  CU did not have the money or couldn't hope for a person to turn around the program, so they went with the former Buffs and former coaching greats choices.  It blew up in their face with two seasons worse than the Fairbanks era of the early 80s.  I for one believe Embree and members of his staff are solid coaches but they all needed more time at a higher position before coming to a Top 3 BCS conference school.  It showed so badly the last two seasons.

The search now is a hit or Bohn is fired and who else out of the group.  CU has a donor that is worth billions that is tired of losing.  He and Bohn courted a man with bigger aspirations, but Butch Jones doesn't want to start from scratch in a tough conference and was looking for bigger.  My guess is he is Tennessee's next head coach and if not, he'll get a shot at a bigger than Purdue Big X school or other top BCS school next year.  Jones will make the same amount of money CU offered or more.  CU is going to have to take a chance with a coach without years of experience or from a smaller conference, go after a big time coordinator from a power school that has been super succcessful or go after a person with character issues that you know would bring some buzz.  Either way, let's hope whoever it is, he's successful and we start climbing some of the Rocky Mountains instead of being buried underneath them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tebow Time is past due...

If Rex Ryan went to the library, he would not be able to check out any books, he would not be able to get his report card and he would not move on to the next grade because he has been holding onto and hiding a weapon that could destroy opponents and it's past due to put in Tim Tebow.  We saw what he did here in Denver in 2010.  He grew on that in 2011. So why should Rex make the switch?
  • The Jets are 3-6 and have lost their last 3.
  • Mark Sanchez has completed only 52% of his passes.  His TD to INT ratio has been amongst the worse in the league amongst QBs throughout his 3.5 years as a starter.
  • Sanchez looks defeated.  He has digressed yearly.  He doesn't have that IT factor.  He reminds me of a career back-up.
  • Tebow showed what he can do with a limited offense the last two years.  He has an OC that could really mix up the offense.  He is a playmaker.  He is a leader and he has a fire the Jets need like a strong left foot (leave the Rex Ryan foot jokes out of this) in the ass.
Tebow is a young man that I have followed since he scored his first TD at Florida.  I called the fact he'd be a Heisman winner after about 5 games.  He lived up to that hype and exceeded it.  He should have won his second Heisman his Junior year.  Senior year, a head injury stopped a 3rd near attempt.  Tebow does not throw a pretty ball.  He is erratic and inconsistent but here are the intangibles and things he could do for a team as a full-time starter.

Some of these are:
  • Eat clock.  This is the NFL, not college.  Time of posession in the NFL means something if you have a decent defense.  The Jets do.  The Broncos defense was worse than the Jets this year. 
  • As pointed out earlier, he is a leader.  Guys rally around him.  The Jets can say what they want about Sanchez being their guy, but the same thing was said about Orton.  Sooner or later, you have to pull the plug of something that's not working.
  • Tebow can take a pounding.  He is built like a TE.  TEs get clobbered when they catch the ball and Tebow knows how to run.
  • He brings the element of a deep ball or a run.  Spread them out and see the defense have no idea what to do.
  • He has been a winner on every level because he never quits.
  • He is humble but trusts in his ability.
  • The Higher Power is behind him.  He believes, he made me a believer as well.
It's Tebow Time.  It will either come half way through an imminent loss to the Rams or after the game when they are 3-7, but the Jets should have started this past week with Tebow and let him see if he could turn the season around.  They should let Sanchez open at QB, flip the ball to Tebow on a modified flea flicker and then not let Sanchez see the field the rest of the day.  They should go in knowing Tebow is their guy but not let anyone know and from there on, you will see the Jets finish at least 8-8.  The Jets have a shot if they are 9-7 or better to be in the playoffs.  If Tebow is the guy, they have a shot.  If Sanchez remains the starter, with the top 10 pick in the draft, the Jets select...

Monday, September 24, 2012

NFL replacement refs need replaced...

This has been a topic of debate since it was imminent the NFL season would start with replacement refs and has now went from a joke to a cry for help to a state of National (Football League) emergency.  Enough is enough Goodell and the Shield!  You want to protect your product?  You want the best product?  Well, meet somewhere closer to the REAL refs side and quit trying to be the evil dictator and think you can half ass part of your product and not get flack.

Yes, the regular refs make major screw-ups, but they at least have a great knowledge of the rule book, don't rely on replay and biggest of all, they have the respect of the players and coaches they are around.  The NFL is going to see an assault happen and it will be directly related to these replacement referees. I have NEVER seen a coach show such disrespect for the regular referees that I've seen this season.  John Fox, The Brothers Harbaugh and even Billy Belichick have shown their frustration and will be fined for it.  The New England players were ready to kill the refs after that play and that crazy fumble in the Atlanta game have caused players to not only lose it on the refs but lose it on each other.  The reason they are losing it on each other, they know they are bending the rules and talking the refs into calls based off the emotion. The regular NFL refs strike fear into the players and have earned the respect these guys will not get because everyone knows this will not last more than another year.

So Goodell, quit trying to protect these guys like they are your little kids by calling the parents of the bullies and telling them to cool it on them, they are just trying the best they can and put the professionals that make your product respectable.  So while I saw some gruesome hits, I also saw the penalties that go with them but I've seen some little scrums occuring because these refs can not control the game on the in between.  It reminds me of a lower conference ref crew trying to ref a top end college team and being scared by the size and speed they have.

It's time Goodell, quit acting as God-of-All and realize YOU are the problem.  Put the best quality product on the field.  Bring back the guns of Hochuli, the moustache and Keenan Ivory Wayans look-a-like and familiar faces the players, coaches and the people that pay your exorbanant salary, we the NFL fans, respect.

Friday, September 21, 2012

NFL Thursday Night Football hurting fantasy football...

I love the NFL.  I have been watching the Denver Broncos since I can remember as early as age 4 and know I was sitting with my dad before that watching them.  I started playing fantasy football for free while in college and after about 6 years of that, I am in my 6th year of a pay league.  It is fun and I am not insanely obsessed with fantasy football since I only have had one team the last few years after having a pay team and 3 free Yahoo or ESPN leagues 4 years ago.  But, I run my league and I am on the site at least 30 minutes a day so I am obsessed (just not insanely).

A Thursday night game is fun because you get to see a preview to the weekend of NFL football and get to get your fantasy week started early.  There is where the fun stops for me.  There are more negatives to Thursday Night Football than positives.  They are both fantasy related, NFL player related and lower level football related.

First, we'll discuss the impact it has to the NFL and its players/coaches.  You are having a team prepare on 3 days of full rest and only 2 days of practice.  As seen by last night's Giants and Panthers game, a team can not get healthy in that timeframe.  I believe the fragile Hakeem Nicks would have played had it been on Sunday.  He is a guy that needs those extra days.  Moving the game also hurts the team with a less experienced staff and younger players and benefits a veteran filled team with a veteran QB.  Had this game been played Sunday in the heat of Charlotte, I believe Carolina would have fared better.  Probably still lost but the game wouldn't have been over before halftime like this one.  The Thursdayy night games these past two weeks have been one-sided contests.  What do you think a veteran Ravens team is going to do to the Browns next week?  These then have ramifactions for next week's games.  The Giants get extra rest and time to prepare for their next opponent.  3 days is ages in the NFL and Coughlin and staff will be happy to have it with their older guys needing to get healthy. Vick and the Eagles better get ready for their first L (if Arizona starts 3-0 with their QB situation I will shart myself).

Next, fantasy football.  Andre Brown and Ramses Barden.  Had you heard of them before this week other than on sites saying pick up Brown on waivers?!  Will they ever have games like this again?  No!!! As long as Bradshaw gets and stays healthy (yes a lot to ask for that guy), these two were those one week wonder players that you piss and moan you didn't pick up and some lucky bastard in your league got.  Brown will now be a start any week Bradshaw is not a go.  He also is a guy that many people with the #1 waiver pick (i.e. myself) passed over because they didn't think one week of production was worth it for the long haul of the season.  We are all hoping Bradshaw gets healthy so we don't look like jack asses down the road.  Barden would have barely seen the ball had the normal rest been given to Nicks.  Brown was going to be the workhorse because Coughlin likes dependance (and Depends for when he gets so mad he craps himself) and Brown was the guy with #1 draft pick David Wilson proving to be a waste (thank you very much for that Coughlin, yes I have Wilson and he will finally be dropped this week).  But the BIGGEST reason I hate Thursday night football is because in my league and most others, you can not make trades or pick up free agents after that first kickoff.  This really hurts our league because I believe we are losing out on $5-10 transactions a week with this weekly Thursday Night Football schedule.  It has leagues being quiet for other than about 2.5 days from Tuesday morning to Thursday night.  I am frustrated.  I like to make moves and I like to see activity in a league but leagues will either have to re-create rules that were put in place to prevent any advantages to those with early or late games.  It will be especially a pain in the ass when there are many Questionable players the last few weeks of the season and fantasy teams can't add a free agent when most of their questionables go to out status when the game starts and they couldn't make a move waiting to get more info.

Last, college football and high school football.  College football has long ruled Thursday night with some great Thursday night games.  I've attended a couple at CU.   The flatirons in fall in Folsom Field with the sun going down, awesome!!!  The West Virginia game was awesome a few years back.  I am dreading attending the one this year against ASU because it will be embarassing to get run over by an average Pac-12 team on national TV.  Anyway, the NFL is now eating into college football even more.  Many HS teams also play Thursday afternoon/evening because of the lack of stadiums for large districts.  For instance Denver Public Schools has 7 teams that play at one field!!!  Jeffco has more teams spread over 2 football fields.  I didn't even know Boise was playing BYU in a 7-6 game!!!  7-6?  When has Boise only put up 7 points in a game?  (It was November 10, 2005 to Fresno St on Thursday Night!!!)

So, NFL, I enjoy your Thursday football once in a while, but to be honest, it is really messing up the fantasy world and I am tired of adjusting my rules and the way I set things up because you just want to make more money without paying refs that make your games run smoothly with a lot less controversy.  But that is a whole other topic that will be discussed when an NFL game REALLY is messed up because of incompotent, blubbering HS/lower level college officials.

Note: I decided to branch my blogging into the sports world after blogging about my running (RunAceRun) the past few months, since sports has been my lifelong passion, especially football (and wrestling but who cares to hear about men rolling around sweaty in tight clothing???).  Feel free to check out that blog or comment on this blog.